Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring 2015 Hot Fashion Trends for girl: Skorts, Metallic Bracelets, Maxi Dresses, Platform Shoes & Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals Spring 2015 Trend

Gladiator sandals deals shopping spring 2015
Gladiator sandals are an open-toed T-bar sandal with multiple straps running across the feet. It is gets its name because it is a style designed to resemble the footwear of ancient Roman gladiators. Gladiator sandals have been around forever but they have been increasing in popularity recently. Gladiator Sandals & Egyptian Sandals are expected to be one of the hot fashion trends among women during Spring 2015.

Skorts Spring 2015 Trend

Shopping for skorts spring 2015 styles
A very hot & popular item for girls this spring 2015 are Skorts.   A skort is basically  a skirt with a pair of shorts hidden underneath.  Many skorts resemble a pair of shorts with a panel of fabric over the front. Skorts have become very popular for their comfort and their ability to be worn in many situations.  A skort can be worn during sports, jogging, hanging out or just about any casual situation. Expect to see a lot of skorts being worn during the spring and summer of 2015.

Metallic Bracelets Spring 2015 Trend

Buy Metallic Bracelets spring 2015 fashion trend shopping
Metallic Bracelets have exploded in popularity among females recently. Alex and Ani has always been popular among girls but higher end and designer metallic bracelets are being seen more and more.  You will see many models now wearing metallic bracelets on the runway. Whether you want a cheaper Alex and Ani $30 bracelet or a higher end Alexis Bitter $300 bracelet you should be able find a nice metallic bracelet that suits your taste.

Maxi Dresses

Spring 2015 Maxi Dresses Designs
Maxi dresses are full length dresses that go all the way down past the ankles.  They come in a variety of colors and designs and are considered very comfortable. A floral Maxi dress is a great casual outfit for girls during spring.

Platform Heels

Buy 2015 Platform shoes for Spring 2015
The 1970s are making a comeback and platform highs are becoming popular again. In addition to many other 1970s inspired fashion trends the platform heel is starting to be worn more and more by women of all ages.  The higher the heel the better.  Expect to see a lot of platform heels being worn during spring and summer 2015.


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