Monday, July 14, 2014

Back to School Care Package (For those with the Munchies)

Your College Dorm food care package full of candy and snacks

  • Features all the necessities for getting back into the semester
  • Contains a wide array of snacks
  • Supplies basic toiletries as well as eating utensils
  • Tons of delicious candy
  • This all-in-one care package can save a ton of time
Everything, and I mean everything, you could need to stock your empty dorm food.
Toiletries, medicine, food, drinks, health and beauty supplies, candy and gum. Includes: Forks Plates Parade Foam Bowl Solo Cup Solo Spoons Red Bull Tropicana Apple Juice Tide Orig Scent 26oz Bounce Laundry Sheets Burts Bees Chapstick Reach Floss Toothbrush Toothpaste Crest Head & Shoulders Shampoo 1.7oz Suave Cocoa Butter Lotion Secret Powder Fresh Deoderant Dove Soap Combos Cheddar Cheese Kettle Chips Pringles Chex Mix Act II Pop Corn x3 Nutri Grain Strawberry x2 Vature Valley Oat&Honey x2 Rice Krispies x2 Lucky Charms Honey Nut Cheerios Frosted Mini Wheat Cocoa Krispies Cinnamon Toast Crunch Planters Almonds Smoked Planters Cashews Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts Welch's Fruit Snacks x2 Trail Mix Cliff bar Chef Boyardee Entree x3 Campbell Soup Ramen Noodles x3 Skittles Original x2 Starburst Original Fruit x2 Twizzlers M&M Peanut Snickers Reg Twix KitKat Reeses Cups Swedish Fish Candy Sour Patch Kids
(This care package is no longer in stock, see a similar one here

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